2017: The Liver Must Go to the Images

With this 2017 solo exhibition at the Amsterdam gallery Stigter van Doesburg, Dicke showed new works in which she deployed printed matter as a sculptural material. Pictures pulled from various sources – including newspaper clippings, fashion magazines and art monographs – are broken down and built up into new image-objects, and the obliteration of pictorial content forms another mode of inscription.
In ‘I Will Shape Myself’, for example, she presents the negative space that was shaped by part of the hand and facial profile of the figure in the original photograph. But with the rest of the photograph’s image surface now pulverized into non-depictive formlessness, this re-framed detail becomes a visible hole, an absence with new presence.

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Political Horizon, sandpaper abrasion on digital archival print, 2017

The Finger and the Belly, sandpaper abrasion on archival print, 2017

Open Book, drawing and cutout in book, 2017

Shape II, digital print on archival print, 2017 (unique)

The missing shape, digital print on archival paper (unique), 2017

Oh Erasmus, cutout postcard, 2017